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Brown Bag Seminar (7th Feb 2017)

Theme: Newer approaches and methodologies in recruiting Key Populations

Presenter: Dr. Sunil S. Solomon, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine & YRG CARE

Contouring the spirit of cross-institutional collaboration and capacity building, the third talk in The Brown Bag Seminar Series focused on “Newer approaches and methodologies in recruiting Key Populations” by Dr. Sunil S. Solomon. The aim of the seminar series is to inform and build capacities & knowledge of programme managers at NACO, community, development partners and key stakeholders. The seminar series serves as a gateway for knowledge sharing, open dialogue, cross learning on new developments and programme management. The talk highlighted the need for innovative new strategies to capitalise upon the network connections among key population and geospatial data to identify HIV infected individuals, link them to care and ensure their viral suppression. The Speaker also emphasised the need to ensure that the cost of these strategies remain low to enable widespread implementation.