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STI/RTI Services

Integrated Induction training Module for ICTC, STI & ART Counsellors

S.No. Title Attachment File
1 Facilitator Guide डाउनलोड (88.58 MB) pdf, डाउनलोड (95.54 MB) pdf
2 Participant Handout
3 Training Program Schedule (8 Days) डाउनलोड (181.23 KB) pdf

Operational Guidelines

S.No. Title Attachment File
1 Operational Guidelines towards Elimination of Congenital Syphilis डाउनलोड (25.62 MB) pdf
2 Operational Guidelines Regional STI Training, Research, and Reference Laboratories डाउनलोड (4.56 MB) pdf
3 National RTI STI technical Guidelines Sep2014 डाउनलोड (4.26 MB) pdf
4 Operational Guidelines for Programme Managers & Service Providers for Strengthening STI/RTI Services - May 2011 डाउनलोड (9.35 MB) pdf
5 National_Guidelines_on_PMC_of_RTI_Including_STI डाउनलोड (5.9 MB) pdf
6 Operational Guidelines STI RTI डाउनलोड (5.46 MB) pdf

Other STI Materials

S.No. Title Attachment File
1 Suraksha Clinic - Branding NACO डाउनलोड (9.82 MB) zip
2 Posters and job aids on STI डाउनलोड (28.97 MB) zip
3 STI-Report डाउनलोड (2.47 MB) pdf
4 STI RTI MONOGRAPH _NACP-III डाउनलोड (1.43 MB) pdf

STI Training Material

S.No. Title Attachment File
1 STI Refresher Trainees Handout-Tamil डाउनलोड (28.2 MB) pdf
2 Refresher Training Programme for Counsellors: Trainer's guide डाउनलोड (3.01 MB) pdf
3 Refresher Training programme for Counsellors: Trainee's Handouts डाउनलोड (2.96 MB) pdf
4 Nurse Handout डाउनलोड (4.99 MB) pdf
5 Nurse Facilitator Guide डाउनलोड (4.3 MB) pdf
6 Medical Officer Handout डाउनलोड (7.67 MB) pdf
7 Medical Officer Facilitator Guide
8 Lab Tech Handout डाउनलोड (1.6 MB) pdf
9 Lab Tech Facilitator Guide डाउनलोड (1.57 MB) pdf
10 Counselor participant handout डाउनलोड (26.62 MB) pdf
11 Counselor facilitator guide डाउनलोड (4.11 MB) pdf