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Basic Services

The Basic Services Division of National AIDS Control Organisation provides HIV Counseling and testing services for HIV infection, the critical first step in detecting and linking people with HIV to access treatment cascade and care. It also provides an important opportunity to reinforce HIV prevention. The national programme is offering these services since 1997 with the goal to identify as many people living with HIV, as early as possible (after acquiring the HIV infection), and linking them appropriately and in a timely manner to prevention, care and treatment services. The introduction of ART services for people living with HIV/AIDS in 2004, gave a major boost to Counseling and testing services in India.

The HIV Counseling and testing services include the following components:

  1. HIV counselling for at Risk Population
  2. Elimination of Vertical Transmission of HIV & Syphilis
  3. HIV/Tuberculosis collaborative activities
  4. The Basic Services Division through Integrated Counseling and Testing Centres (ICTCs) provide HIV counseling & testing services, Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV (PPTCT) services and HIV-TB cross referrals. These services have linkages with TI NGOs/CBOs and outward linkages with ART centres, outreach services, peer support services, OI management and home based care. NACP-IV envisages integration and scale-up of service delivery to sub-district and community levels through existing infrastructure in the public and private sectors.

    HIV & Other co-infection collaborative activities

    HIV/TB Co-ordination Meeting Details

    Recording and Reporting Tool in respect of FICTC/ PPP ICTC conducting single HIV Test

    Format for FICTC, PPP ICTC Register Download (38.4 KB) Basic Services Division

    Format for FICTC,PPP ICTC Monthly Progress Report Download (16 KB) Basic Services Division

    Data definition for FICTC, PPP ICTC Monthly Progress Report indicator Download (18 KB) Basic Services Division

    Software: PALS (PL-HIV ART Linkage System) Link

    Basic Services Publications