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Targeted Interventions

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Under Global Fund grant 2021-24, One Stop Centres (OSC) is a unique initiative which aims to provide a comprehensive package of risk assessment, HIV screening, subsequent linkages for treatment / preventive services along with required social support for hard-to-reach segment of the at-risk population such as People Who Inject Drugs (PWID), Transgender Persons (TG) and Bridge population (BP) that are beyond reach of still out of national HIV control response due to high stigma, discrimination and lack of awareness.

The “One-Stop Centre” (OSC) is a facility which attempts to provide services and facilitate linkages and referrals to PWID, TG/Hijra and Bridge populations and their partners’ closure to the community setting who are not willing to visit the TI due to various reasons. The OSC will provide a comprehensive package of services on HIV/AIDS and other health care and support services by way of having a clinical arrangement or expanding the existing referral and linkages services.

The objective is to develop integrated service delivery model through one-stop centres to promote comprehensive HIV services along with social protection support among TG, PWID and Bridge population across India.

The service provisioning to communities through these “One Stop Centre” seeks to achieve the following objectives:
a) To increase access to comprehensive STI / HIV services for the at-risk population, along with other health and social needs under one roof in a stigma and discrimination free environment
b) To increase the community ownership, participation, strengthening networks, partnerships and creating enabling environment.

Under this project, 71 OSCs (34 BP, 20 TG, and 17 PWID OSCs) are being established. The implementation of these One Stop Centers (OSCs) is being done through YRG Care (GFATM-SR to PLAN India).

Consultation Report on One Stop Center
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